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A New Horizon of Atopic Dermatitis Therapy

Patients with atopic dermatitis struggle with ongoing challenges when trying to manage this chronic condition. Their symptoms can be disruptive, and some treatments can cause new problems for them to handle. Patients with skin of color often face unique challenges caused by missed diagnoses and negative side effects of traditional treatments. New therapeutic agents, including biologics and JAK inhibitors, can help these patients to manage their symptoms without the negative side effects they have experienced with other treatments, but appropriate use of these new therapies presents its own set of challenges.

A New Horizon of Atopic Dermatitis Therapy was designed by a multidisciplinary team of allergist/immunologists, dermatologists, advanced practitioners, and patients to help allergist/immunologists and dermatologists, as well as advanced practitioners and nurses working in these clinical settings, to support their patients with atopic dermatitis to navigate the new treatment options that are now available, while incorporating patients and their quality of life concerns in the process of selecting the best therapy for each patient.

This activity satisfies the practice improvement requirements of the ABAI and ABD Continuous Certification programs.

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