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Food as Medicine: Calorie Density – Simple, Powerful Concept

Calorie density is a wonderful tool and concept that, when understood, can effectively support weight loss and achieving optimal health. This Food as Medicine session, led by Medical Director of the McDougall Program and Lecturer at Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Santa Rosa, Anthony Lim, MD, JD, DipABLM, will define calorie density and demonstrate the benefits of this approach with patients. The session will also cover some of the most common “pitfalls” or mistakes that patients make when it comes to calorie density. Lastly, we will review the application of calorie density principles to daily life for the purpose of achieving weight control and optimal health.

After viewing the module presentation, learners should be able to:
• Apply nutrition therapy principles that address both overall health and healthy weight
• Demonstrate application of food as medicine for overall health and healthy weight
• Review the concept of calorie density and the benefits of eating a low calorie density diet
• Ameliorate common pitfalls that patients fall into when it comes to calorie density
• Discuss principles for how to apply calorie density in daily life

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