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About Training from the AHA Foundation

Breaking the silence on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C).

Founded in 2007 by women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the AHA Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending cultural practices that violate the human rights of women and girls, including honor violence, forced marriage and genital mutilation. AHA accomplishes this through education, outreach and legislative advocacy.

As part of its mission to break the silence on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)—a horrendous form of child abuse typically inflicted on defenseless girls aged zero to 15—AHA offers professional training, including three FGM/C modules specifically designed for ob-gyns, pediatricians, family practitioners, ER staff and clinical psychologists.

Girls subjected to FGM/C face threats to their immediate and long-term health, as well as lifelong psychological trauma. It’s thus important for those in the medical field to understand the prevalence and impact of this harmful practice. The goal of these training modules is to better equip health professionals to identify FGM/C, assess the risks and have culturally sensitive discussions.

After completing these modules, learners will be familiar with the traumatic way FGM/C is commonly performed, the wide range of physical harms that can result from FGM/C and the common symptoms where FGM/C should be considered as a possible cause. Learners will also develop a deeper understanding of the cultural practice of FGM/C, who practices it, and why as well access cases studies and AHA's risk assessment tool kit.

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