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Education from AMA Center for Health Equity

AMA’s online education to empower individuals and organizations, in health care and beyond, in advancing racial justice and equity.

The AMA Center for Health Equity focuses on facilitating, strengthening, and amplifying AMA’s work to eliminate health inequities. Education from the AMA Center for Health Equity features content specifically developed and/or curated by the AMA Center for Health Equity to help physicians, health providers and health systems address root causes of inequities such as racism, white supremacy, and other structural determinants of health. Learn More

Prioritizing Equity Video Series

AMA Center for Health Equity

Confront health injustice and advance equity

Access even more Health Equity Education.

LGBTQ Health, Diversity & Inclusion CME Course

Increase your knowledge of issues affecting the LGBTQ community.

Health Equity Education Center

Access more equity education from the AMA and other trusted collaborating organizations.

Learn now

Trending LGBTQ

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