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About Education from AMA Center for Health Equity

AMA’s online education to empower individuals and organizations, in health care and beyond, in advancing racial justice and equity.

The American Medical Association Center for Health Equity focuses on facilitating, strengthening and amplifying AMA’s work to eliminate health inequities.

The AMA Center for Health Equity is committed to imagining and actualizing a courageous new future for the AMA and U.S. healthcare—focused on systematically identifying and dismantling the root causes of racism and other forms of structural discrimination underlying the pervasive, preventable, and unjust differences in health and outcomes for patients, families, providers, and communities. We envision a world where all people live in thriving communities where resources work well, systems are equitable and create no harm, and everyone has the power to achieve optimal health, and all physicians are equipped with the consciousness, tools, and resources to confront inequities as well as embed and advance equity within and across all aspects of the health care system.

Education from the AMA Center for Health Equity on the AMA Ed Hub features resources to help physicians, health providers and health systems address root causes of inequities such as racism, white supremacy, and other structural determinants of health. These tools can be used to support comprehensive strategies to promote excellence in health for all patients and communities.

This education – centered on the betterment of public health and utilizing a social justice lens – is beneficial to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge around health equity, including but not limited to patients, families, communities, organizations in health care and across other sectors, and providers including physicians, trainees (e.g., medical students, residents, etc.), nurses, physician assistants, practice managers and other frontline medical professionals.

Take an active role. Explore education from the AMA Center for Health Equity to advance equity and justice in health care. Together, we can promote equitable opportunities, resources, conditions and power for historically marginalized individuals and communities, which will ultimately lead to improved health for all.

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