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AMA Center for Health Equity Video Learning Series

Gain the knowledge, tools, and innovative ideas to advance racial justice and equity in health care today by exploring our video learning series.

  • National Health Equity Grand Rounds

    Discover a virtual event video series that highlights historical and contemporary root causes of health inequities and amplifies strategies to advance health equity in the United States. This initiative is led by a collaboration among ACGME, AMA, National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education and RespectAbility.

  • Prioritizing Equity

    Explore how determinants of health uniquely impact marginalized communities, public health, and health equity, with an eye on both short-term and long-term implications.

  • Quality, Safety & Equity

    Learn from a program offered by the AMA in collaboration with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and The Joint Commission. In this video series, learn how to integrate equity into quality and safety infrastructures to improve health outcomes for all.


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