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About AMA Pharmacogenomics Summit Series Education

Explore the potential of pharmacogenomics-based selection, dosing and monitoring of medications to improve health outcomes.

The same medications and treatments are not universally effective for every patient. Fortunately, simple genetic tests now allow prescribers to predict how a patient will respond to many of the most commonly prescribed medicines. To explore the potential of pharmacogenomics-informed prescribing, the AMA and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists hosted a virtual summit series featuring practical insights from leading experts.

Interactive modules adapted from the series, such as “Becoming a Better Prescriber: Introduction to Pharmacogenomics,” not only help familiarize learners with this emerging field of medicine, but they also provide opportunities to earn CME. Get started today and learn how to implement pharmacogenomics-informed prescribing in your practice to increase efficacy, reduce adverse drug events and build patient confidence.

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