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Stories of Care Podcast April 04, 2022

Why Safety and Respect Go Hand-in-Hand With Prioritizing Equity Among Health Care Personnel, a Conversation With Two Physician Leaders

Stories of Care, a CDC Project Firstline Podcast from the AMA, explores the intersection of infection control and health equity through the voices of health care personnel.

In the premiere episode, host Megan Srinivas, MD, MPH is joined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Michael Bell, MD, Deputy Director of CDC’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, and Karthik Sivashanker, MD, MPH, CPPS, American Medical Association’s Vice President, Equitable Health Systems and Innovation, provide an overview of infection control, health equity and how they relate to each other.


  1. Dr. Bell discusses the importance of ensuring all patients feel as safe and respected as possible when seeking or receiving care.

  2. Dr. Sivashanker describes an experience from early in the pandemic that underscores the importance of building a sense of equity and belonging among health care personnel.

  3. Listen to the full episode.


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