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Training for future physicians from AMA ChangeMedEd

Enhancing physician training to meet the needs of patients today and in the future.

ChangeMedEd, an initiative of the American Medical Association (AMA), works with visionary collaborators across the medical education continuum to create bold, transformative innovations and resources to help produce a physician workforce that meets the current and future needs of patients and communities. Learn More

Preparing future physicians and health care professionals to successfully work within health systems.

This series of modules provides medical students with a clear understanding of how health care is delivered, how health care professionals work together to deliver that care, and how the health system can improve patient care and health care delivery.

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Attended the AMA ChangeMedEd 2023 Conference?

Put your knowledge to use. Earn your credits.

Affirmative Action in Med Ed

A webinar exploring the consequences of an adverse Supreme Court decision.

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