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COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 spreads rapidly. To fight and contain the pandemic, you need to just as rapidly learn about immunization, the fast development, authorization, distribution plans, safety and administration of the COVID-19 vaccines. Stay informed with evidence-based education and contribute to build public trust.

CME 11.25 Credits
While the rapid development of vaccines is a positive step towards defeating COVID-19, it does not translate into an immediate end of the disease. On top of understanding the efficacy and promoting adoption of the basic preventive measures of masking, hand hygiene and physical distancing, we must also learn about vaccination. High immunization rates — indispensable to overcome this virus — will mean faster and broader well-being of communities around the globe.
Start today. Gain a greater understanding of the opportunity the coronavirus vaccines represent for humanity. Help getting the pandemic under control and learn evidence-based, accurate information from trusted sources like the JAMA NetworkTM and more. This course will cover specific topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, from updates and new developments, authorization, distribution plans, safety and administration. Vaccine acceptance varies greatly and providers need a toolkit like this course to rely upon in order to counsel for shared decision making among highest risk populations.

Who is This CME For?

This self-paced, online CME course is designed for physicians of all specialties, medical students, residents and fellows, nurses, medical assistants and all front-line health care professionals who have been relentlessly fighting this virus from the start.

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