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Value-Based Patient-Centered Care

Health care providers and medical students alike can use this course to gain insights into the current state of value in U.S. health care. Increase your knowledge and understanding of the essential components of value-based patient-centered care and earn CME.

CME 8.75 Credits

The ongoing challenge of rising health care costs in the U.S. has led to an increased focus on value-based health care. Patient-centered care is the practice of providing and assessing high-quality care at lower costs, while improving patient outcomes, safety and satisfaction.   Patients and patient outcomes are at the core of these concepts. This self-paced CME course offers an overview of high-value care and provides critical knowledge of the key elements of value-based patient-centered care. Also covered: physicians’ payment models, policy impacts and how HVC applies to various specialties.

Start today and gain a greater understanding of the components of value-based patient centered care, how they apply to various specialties, reimbursement and more. Topics you will learn about as part of this online CME course include: (1) Health care value 101 - To understand the components and aims of value-based care; (2) Impact on policy - To discern the impact on hospitals, medical centers and the U.S. health care system; (3) Applications to specialties - To grasp the effects of value-based care on specialties; (4) Physician payment models - To understand physician compensation, reimbursement and performance measurements

Who is This CME For?

This online CME course is designed for medical students, physicians and medical professionals who will benefit from expanded learnings on value-based care, high-value care (HVC) systems, the impacts/applications on specialties and reimbursement. Medical students and physicians can earn CME credits. For over 170 years, the AMA has worked to advance the betterment of medicine of public health. To provide physicians and other medical professionals with comprehensive, current and informative education, our CME about Health Care Costs and Value features education from a variety of trusted sources and journals, including the American College of Radiology, the JAMA Network™, AMA STEPS Forward, AMA Health System Science Learning Series and more.


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