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Telemedicine: Providing Safe Care During Coronavirus Pandemic

Enhance your understanding of how to care for patients remotely. Under such an uncertain time in health care due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, every human contact represents a potential risk for physicians, medical professionals and patients alike. Now, more than ever is the time to learn about and implement telemedicine and telehealth.

CME 4.25 Credits

We are facing unprecedented challenges. With the dramatic explosion of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, physicians and medical professionals who see patients in their practice every day, face uncertainty and risks. Even if their practice didn’t use telemedicine before, it may be an option now. Fortunately, you can learn from those physicians and medical professionals who have been practicing telemedicine and telehealth for quite some time. In this self-paced CME course, you will learn from their expertise on how to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients while protecting yourself, your patients and your community. With the evolution of telemedicine patients can now receive health care from doctors and hospitals using the power of virtual connections, image sharing and video conferencing. Telemedicine facilitates safer access to care that can be quick, efficient and, most of all remote – for people all over the world. Learn how you, your practice and your community can benefit from providing services to patients over long distances, as well as share health information safely.

This course is relevant for U.S. and worldwide physicians, medical students, residents, nurses, physician assistants and other allied health and medical professionals who participate in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Start today and expand your knowledge on how telemedicine and telehealth can reduce risks and facilitate access to care and treatment. Topics you will learn about in this online CME course include:

  1. Applications to Primary Care – Understand how a remote collaboration can support primary care
  2. Improving Specialty Care with Telehealth – Learn about specialty consultations in the digital age
  3. Telehealth and Clinical Screening – Discover aspects of data sharing, privacy and screening in telemedicine
  4. Lessons from Telehealth in Remote Settings – Earn insights from telemedicine networks and telehealth programs in specific communities

Who is This CME For?

Telemedicine: Providing Safe Care During Coronavirus Pandemic is a self-paced, online course designed for medical professionals who would benefit from further education on telemedicine, including those who specialize in critical care medicine, infectious diseases, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, endocrinology, family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pain medicine, pediatrics, preventative medicine and surgery. Physicians can earn up to 1.0 CME and 1.0 CEU credits.

For over 170 years, the AMA has worked to advance the betterment of medicine of public health. To provide physicians and other medical professionals with comprehensive, current and informative education, our CME about Telemedicine & Distance Care features education from a variety of trusted sources, including the JAMA Network™ and AMA STEPS Forward™.

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