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Supporting Women in Medicine

Earn CME credits while increasing your awareness of the challenges currently faced by women physicians and health professionals, as well as how the medical profession can better support women’s success and well-being.

CME 12.25 Credits

"The medical profession has missed opportunities to establish reasonable demands and expectations for physicians.” writes Linda Brubaker, MD, in the JAMA article, “Women Physicians and the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Systemic issues and a culture of overwork, all magnified during COVID-19, disproportionately affect women in medicine: their careers, families, and mental and physical health. 

This self-paced online CME course identifies the challenges faced by women physicians and health professionals—including gender bias and stereotypes, work-life imbalance and limited opportunities to progress—as well as the accruing impact of these challenges over a lifelong career. For gender-nonconforming physicians, and women physicians with lived experiences as Indigenous, Latina and/or Black women, challenges become magnified. By examining these issues from a variety of perspectives, physicians, health care leaders, administrators and other professionals will be better equipped to support the success and well-being of women in medicine. 

This course enables you to earn CME via text, audio, video and interactive modules from trusted sources such as the American Medical Association, JAMA Network™, Stanford Medicine and the American College of Radiology. Through these activities, you will not only examine current challenges for women, but you’ll also discover strategies for cultivating well-being, developing leadership skills and creating affirming spaces. This course is relevant to U.S. and worldwide physicians, medical students, residents, nurses, physician assistants and other allied health professionals.

Start today and develop a deeper understanding of how best to support women in the medical field. Topics you will learn about as part of this online CME course include:

  1. Identifying Challenges – Recognize the prevalence of stereotypes and gender bias, how to address harassment and more
  2. COVID-19’s Impact – Dive deeper into how the pandemic has affected the professional lives of women physicians and how it might serve as a catalyst for achieving equity
  3. Supporting Well-Being –  Reduce burnout and create a more equitable workplace improves professional satisfaction for all
  4. Growing Leaders – Discover strategies for leading effectively and empowering leaders
  5. The Intersection of Race and Gender – Describe the importance of using gender-appropriate language and creating affirming spaces

Who is This CME For?

This course is not only for women in medicine across the spectrum of a career, but also for any medical student and resident or physician in practice. Leaders, administrators, partners and mentors can all benefit from this course.  

For over 170 years, the AMA has played a key role in the development of medicine in the United States. To provide medical professionals with current and informative coursework, our bundle features the latest information from a variety of trusted sources and journals, including the AMA, the JAMA Network™, American College of Radiology, Stanford Medicine and more. Accessible on any device and at any time, this online course includes education in a variety of formats, so that you can listen, watch, read or interact in ways that best suit your needs.  

Interested in accreditation details? You can find accreditation information for each activity of the Women in Medicine CME at the bottom of the corresponding quiz pages. CME requirements vary by state.


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