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Reproductive Health Access and Justice

Stay up to date on advances and challenges in reproductive health care and earn CME. Learn how changes to abortion law impact medical care and training, the latest developments in emergency contraception and how to respond to gender-based sexual and reproductive violence.

CME 9 Credits

Health care has become increasingly focused on shared medical decision-making for reproductive autonomy, and medical science has improved safety and outcome data for emerging treatments. With changes to abortion law—including severe restrictions or outright bans in several states—and consequent implications for medical care and training, it’s more important than ever to make this information available to a wide audience.

The Reproductive Health Access and Justice course reflects the AMA’s commitment to ensuring access to abortion education and reproductive health care in a post-Dobbs world. Also covering contraceptive care and gender-based sexual and reproductive violence, this self-paced CME course equips physicians and other health care professionals with knowledge and ethical guidance for providing safe, equitable, evidence-based reproductive health care. Get started today and learn about everything from the future of ob-gyn training in the U.S. to choosing the right emergency contraception for your patient.

Who is This CME For?

Featuring podcasts, videos, interactive modules, articles and quizzes, this Reproductive Health Access and Justice course is geared toward physicians, health care professionals, medical students, residents in training and anyone who would benefit from learning about advances, challenges and considerations in reproductive health care.

For more than 170 years, the AMA has played a key role in the development of best practices to tackle emerging health care challenges in the United States. This online course features the latest information from a variety of trusted sources and journals, including the AMA, the JAMA Network™, The AHA Foundation, Partners in Contraceptive Choice and Knowledge and more. Accessible on any device and at any time, it includes education in a variety of formats, so that you can listen, watch, read or interact in ways that best suit your needs.

Interested in accreditation details? Find accreditation information for each activity of the Reproductive Health Access and Justice course at the bottom of the corresponding quiz pages. CME requirements vary by state.


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