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Nutrition and Health

Stay up to date on nutrition and health and fulfill your CME requirements. This course covers the role of nutrition in preventing and treating chronic disease, research on dieting, obesity management and weight loss, issues of equity and ethics, plus more, helping you increase your foundational knowledge and better incorporate nutrition into clinical practice.

CME 39.25 Credits

Traditional medical models have discounted the importance of nutrition in health and in the prevention and management of a variety of health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Recent overwhelming evidence has led to increased attention to nutrition as a core element of health, health equity and health care.

This self-paced CME course covers why physicians and other medical professionals should care about nutrition; up-to-date research on nutrition science (vitamins, supplements, diet, obesity and more); the role of nutrition in preventing and treating chronic diseases; the unrecognized impact of climate change on food sources; as well as ethical and equity-related issues. 

Get started today and expand your knowledge of nutrition and health, beginning with the clinical encounter (e.g., how to counsel patients on nutrition) and encompassing broader concerns (such as what clinicians can do about food insecurity), while earning CME credit. Topics you will learn about as part of the Nutrition and Health course include:  

  1. Foundations of Nutrition Science – Get an overview of what you need to know about nutrition and health
  2. Vitamins, Supplements, Diet and Myths – Engage with activities about everything from calorie density to obesity myths
  3. Nutrition to Prevent and Treat Disease – Dive into some of the latest research on food as medicine
  4. Nutrition for a Sustainable Planet – Explore the impacts of dietary choices on climate change
  5. Ethics and Equity in Nutritional Care – Better understand how to advance equity in nutrition

Who is This CME For?

This course is beneficial for U.S. and worldwide physicians, medical students, residents, nurses, physician assistants and other allied health and medical professionals involved in the diagnosis, prescribing and treatment of patients.


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