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Ethics Talk: CME Podcast from the AMA Journal of Ethics

Listen to a curated selection of Ethics Talk podcasts from the AMA Journal of Ethics®, covering a range of timely topics in health care, to help sharpen your ethical decision-making and earn CME credits.

CME 12 Credits

Physicians and other health care professionals routinely face high-stakes ethical decisions. The AMA Journal of Ethics podcast series, Ethics Talk, is designed to help hone these decision-making skills by covering a variety of cultural, historical, legal and social topics in health care ethics. Influential experts and leaders lend their wisdom to complex real-world cases, and each podcast is followed by five multiple-choice questions for an opportunity to earn CME credit.

This audio-only course is a curated selection of Ethics Talk episodes. It’s a convenient way for time-pressed medical professionals to stay up to date on ethical issues, from abortion in a post-Dobbs legal landscape to medical neutrality to dietary supplements. Listen on the go, at your own convenience.

This course will help you expand your medical ethics knowledge in the following categories:

  1. Trending Topics in Health Care – Listen to timely discussions on abolition medicine, abortion, COVID-19 and the opioid epidemic
  2. Improving Patient Care – Hear about providing compassionate care to all patients and reducing harm
  3. Diet & Nutrition – Explore ethical topics related to nutrition, supplements and the industrialization of meat
  4. Medical Education and Training – Listen to experts discuss ethics in medical schools and professional training
  5. Organizational and Practice Topics – Consider specific issues that arise in the workplace

Who is This CME For?

Ethics Talk: CME from the AMA Journal of Ethics is a self-paced online course designed for medical students, physicians and all health care professionals to sharpen their ethical decision-making skills and stay up to date on topics that are likely to arise in educational and practice settings.

For more than 170 years, the AMA has played a key role in the development of best practices to tackle emerging health care challenges in the United States. This online course features education from the AMA Journal of Ethics, designed to help medical students, physicians and all health care professionals make sound ethical decisions in service to patients and society. 

Interested in accreditation details? Find accreditation information for each activity at the bottom of the corresponding quiz page. CME requirements vary by state. Visit our State CME Requirements page to learn more about specific requirements.


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