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About AMA EHR Workflow Learning Series

Making the Electronic Health Record your ally in patient care

In 2018, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services revised their policy to allow teaching physicians to verify student documentation, rather than having to re-document work themselves. This opened the door for medical students to have greater responsibility in the electronic health record (EHR) during their clerkships.

The AMA EHR Workflow Learning Series prepares medical students to leverage the EHR to improve their efficiency and effectiveness as they gain increasing responsibility in a variety of health care settings. Structured around typical pre-rounding activities of students during clerkships, this series will help learners make the EHR an ally in patient care.

Rather than focusing on vendor-specific and task-focused training, the AMA EHR Workflow Learning Series modules are vendor agnostic and share principles of efficient EHR usage to reinforce thorough clinical workflows.

In this series, you will learn to use and create dashboards, prioritize patients, address missing data, use the EHR configuration and more—all with the goal of optimizing workflows.

AMA EHR Workflow Learning Series courses are available for free to all AMA members.

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