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About Gaples Institute Nutrition and Lifestyle Education

Dedicated to advancing the role of nutrition and lifestyle in medicine.

The Gaples Institute is a globally recognized, physician-led educational nonprofit with the mission of advancing the role of nutrition and lifestyle in health care. The Gaples Institute has developed award-winning, richly interactive continuing nutrition education for physicians in all stages of medical training. These courses are now a required part of the curriculum in top medical centers throughout the United States.

The connection between diet and health is unmistakable, yet physicians typically receive little nutrition education during training. As a result of the lack of formal nutrition education, most physicians do not feel confident to respond to nutrition questions from patients or to provide informed dietary guidance.

The nutrition resources offered by the Gaples Institute provide clinicians with a solid foundation of clinically focused nutrition knowledge, complete with proven strategies to make nutritional counseling practical and effective in the context of a busy clinical practice. Gaples Institute Nutrition and Lifestyle Education on the AMA Ed Hub includes an interactive CME course of clinical nutrition essentials, “Nutrition Science for Health and Longevity: What Every Clinician Needs to Know,” as well as 10-minute podcasts highlighting key nutrition topics for physicians.

While most Gaples Institute’s activities on the AMA Ed Hub are free, the Nutrition Science for Health and Longevity: What Every Physician Needs to Know activity is $50. AMA members are eligible for 20% discount. Please contact the AMA to obtain the discount code at: msc@ama-assn.org or (800) 262-3211, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST.

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