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Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet: An Interactive Guide for Clinicians

Clinicians now have a powerful way to guide their patients toward personal and planetary health. Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet MD is a 10-minute interactive program for physicians and all health professionals. This mini-course covers key principles of both human health and environmental sustainability—while also highlighting clinicians' unique role related to both patient trust and scaling opportunities.

This short, media-rich learning tool enables clinicians to dynamically learn:
• Why dietary change is needed,
• Which foods have the greatest impact on personal and planetary health,
• How small dietary shifts can help create a healthier, sustainable future, and
• How to share with patients a flexible approach to planet-friendly eating that can work for everyone.

A companion edition of the course is available for the general public and can be freely shared with your patients.

The program, which received a Gold Medal in the Digital Health Awards, was co-authored by Drs. Stephen Devries and Walter Willett, as a collaboration between the educational nonprofit Gaples Institute and the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. It is made available as a public service.

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About the Gaples Institute
The Gaples Institute is an educational nonprofit that develops high-yield nutrition education, enabling physicians to meaningfully incorporate nutritional interventions for optimal patient (and self) care. Learn more.


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