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Health Equity Education Center

Confronting health injustice and advancing equity.

Structural racism is the root cause of health inequities. COVID-19 exacerbated the profound injustices underlying the U.S. health system and made them impossible to ignore. We all have a role in disrupting and dismantling systems that produce harm as well as find ways to reimagine and rebuild these systems to ensure justice, compassion, and equitable care. You can do your part by gaining knowledge and learning skills to advance equity across the health system. Our curated education from trusted sources, will help you understand how systems of power, structures (laws/policies), systems and institutional policies and practices impact us all. Education provided by:
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Introducing Education from AMA Center for Health Equity

AMA’s online education to empower individuals and organizations, in health care and beyond, in advancing racial justice and equity.

National Health Equity Grand Rounds Series

AMA Center for Health Equity

Supporting Women in Medicine CME Course

Earn CME credits while increasing your awareness of the challenges currently faced by women physicians and health professionals, as well as how the medical profession can better support women’s success and well-being.

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Education from The Fenway Institute

Discover education to help advance health equity and eliminate health disparities for LGBTQIA+ people.

SAGECare Education: LGBTQ+ Aging Training

Understand the nuances of working with transgender patients and see how to get your staff engaged in LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Health Equity Education Center

Access more equity education from the AMA and other trusted collaborating organizations.

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