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About AMA Health Equity Education Center

Confronting health injustice and advancing equity.

Systemic inequities directly affect public health and lead to diminished health outcomes for marginalized and minoritized populations. It is critical that we, in health name, build a shared analysis and act to dismantle structural racism, along with sexism, gender oppression, ableism, xenophobia and homophobia in all aspects of our society because these factors have led to unnecessary, avoidable, and early deaths of far too many people in the U.S.

The AMA Ed Hub Health Equity Education Center is a curated collection of education from vetted sources such as the AMA Center for Health Equity, the JAMA Network, the AMA Journal of Ethics and more. Our activities, whether in a journal, interactive or multimedia format are available at any time. Our education will help you understand how physicians, health providers and health systems can confront racism, white supremacy, exclusion and social determinants of health inequities to help improve outcomes and reduce health inequities.

Who benefits from this collection of high-quality education? Everyone: the public, patients as well as the entire care team and organizations. Physicians at all levels, in every specialty, medical students, residents, nurses, physician assistants, practice managers and beyond will benefit from expanding their knowledge around health equity. Public health needs to be at the forefront and a major focus for everyone. As part of this collections of educational resources you will learn about the topics such as health inequities, global health, ethics and many more.

Take an active role. Explore our education to advance equity and justice in health so that we all can ensure that everyone has the opportunities, resources, conditions and power to achieve optimal health.


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