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About National Health Equity Grand Rounds Learning Series

The National Health Equity Grand Rounds is a learning series that highlights historical and contemporary root causes of health inequities and amplifies strategies to advance health equity in the United States. This initiative is led by a collaboration among ACGME, AMA, National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education and RespectAbility.

The purpose of this initiative is to serve as a platform for critical, complex, and urgent conversations, which may at times be as equally enlightening as difficult, and even painful for some. These are, however, conversations which are ultimately necessary for our collective transformation and healing. Our goal is to interrogate the norms, assumptions, and mental models that underlie conventional healthcare practices. We invite you today to join us with an open heart and open mind.

National Health Equity Grand Rounds sessions are available virtually both live and asynchronously. Each education session is offered free of change and attendees are eligible for no-cost Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit.

Each session in the series lasts 90 minutes and can include fireside chats and moderated panel discussions. Speakers and panelists share expertise, ideas, insights, stories, and resources to advance equity and justice in health care. Topics will include racism in medicine, building equitable incentive models, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging practices in medicine, and using data transparently to advance accountability to the communities we serve.

This is a space that protects freedom of speech and invites divergent perspectives. Speakers have been invited to share their individual perspectives. The views expressed are those of the speakers alone and not their organizations. The founding collaborators do not endorse any service, product, or organization with which the speakers are affiliated. In the interest of open and respectful dialogue, the series may include speakers who may not align with the official positions and policies of the collaborating organizations.

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