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What Are the Components of Value-Based Care?

Learning Objectives
1. Explain the concept of value and how it applies to health care
2. Summarize the current state of value in U.S. health care
3. Describe the essential components of an ideal high-value health care system
4. Identify the key barriers to patient-centered, high-value health care
5. List strategies physicians can use to promote high-value care
0.5 Credit

This module introduces learners to the concept of high-value care (HVC) as the best care for the patient – high quality (outcomes, safety, service), delivered at a reasonable cost. Learners will explore the value equation as a tool to measure value (the quality of care divided by the total cost of patient care over time). While there is tremendous variation in the United States regarding patient outcomes, safety, satisfaction and costs of care, HVC systems have demonstrated the ability to produce high-quality care at overall lower costs. Medical students should concern themselves with high-value care because their patients deserve it, and as health care professionals they are uniquely positioned to lead health care transformation on a systemic level. Learners will explore specific actions health care professionals can take to promote HVC.

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