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About Anti-Human Trafficking Education from Hope for Justice

In the United States, 400,000 people are trapped in modern slavery situations related to sex and labor trafficking. Many of these victims receive health care services while under traffickers’ control. In fact, medical practitioners are often among the few professionals to have contact with people who have been trafficked outside of their daily exploitative situations. Hope for Justice believes that by equipping people with relevant, comprehensive and practical guidance, we can identify more victims of human trafficking and improve the response and help offered.

Hope for Justice provides anti-trafficking training through its Learning Academy to empower frontline practitioners and the public to recognize signs of human trafficking and safely take action on behalf of victims. A two-part course titled “Human Trafficking in a Clinical Setting: Your Role and Responsibility” helps meet this need. The first part of this course is featured on the AMA Ed Hub, while the second part is on the Hope for Justice Learning Academy site.

All clinical practitioners can benefit from this education, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, clinical pharmacists, licensed clinical social workers and anyone else supporting or administrating direct patient care in clinics, urgent care facilities, private practice offices and hospitals.

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