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Left Lateral Oropharyngectomy Performed Using a Single-Port Robotic Surgical System

This video demonstrates the classic technique of left lateral oropharyngectomy performed transorally using a single-port robotic system comprising 3 fully articulating 6-mm instruments and a 1.2-cm stereoendoscope camera deployed through a single port measuring 25 mm and individually articulated with 2 joggle joints, mimicking the human wrist and elbow within the surgical field. This transoral technique is ideally suited for patients with T1-T2 oropharnyx tumors and provides wide mucosal and deep muscular margin resection for selected patients. The single-port robotic system allows the surgeon to see around corners and, using a third arm to provide additional countertraction, reveals hidden or collapsed soft-tissue folds that might be underappreciated using 2-arm rigid multiport approaches. The third arm also allows the console surgeon to obtain proximal and distal control of blood vessels and precisely place surgical clips with optimal visualization and soft-tissue handling. For full details, read the article below.

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