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About Lung Cancer Care Education from LuCa National Training Network

LuCa National Training Network (“LuCa”) offers free education to primary care providers (PCPs) with the goal of reducing the many burdens associated with lung cancer. Specifically, LuCa education covers topics, such as lung cancer risk reduction, early detection, treatment, and survivorship care. LuCa was awarded gold, silver and bronze designations in the Spring 2020 Digital Health Awards, recognizing LuCa's dedication to bringing quality lung cancer care education to PCPs and other healthcare professionals.

LuCa helps providers address the needs of patients who are at risk for or diagnosed with lung cancer, including family and internal medicine physicians, pulmonologists, OB/GYNs, and any other providers who can refer for lung cancer screening or treatment.

On the AMA Ed Hub, LuCa features a series of three of its interactive modules addressing lung cancer care across the continuum, including:

  • Lung Cancer Screening and Shared Decision Making for Primary Care Providers
  • Lung Cancer Treatment Advances for Primary Care Providers
  • Primary Care Provider Follow-up and Survivorship Care for Patients with Lung Cancer

Developed with input from family physicians across the United States, as well as lung cancer screening and treatment specialists, these three activities help you:

  • Follow the latest recommendations for lung cancer screening
  • Include essential elements of and receive appropriate reimbursement for required shared decision-making discussions
  • Know how to follow-up on screening results
  • Be aware of current treatment options for initial discussion with patient if diagnosed with lung cancer
  • Provide optimal care to your patients during and following cancer treatment
  • Have more success with patients' tobacco cessation in less time

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