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About AMA Medical Student Leadership Learning Series

Preparing future leaders of medicine to succeed in today's health care environment

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The AMA is committed to helping our future physicians lead. That’s why we offer leadership education specifically tailored to medical students.

Our AMA Medical Student Leadership Learning Series helps students like you develop core skills needed to drive results and succeed in today’s business and health care environment, including how to collaborate, communicate and resolve conflict.

The AMA Medical Student Leadership Learning Series modules offer 20-minute engaging and interactive online sessions that include realistic scenarios to apply what you’ve learned, concise printable resources, and challenge you with a short quiz at the end to help you retain the information.

Designed to help you stand out among your peers and with your busy schedule in mind, the program is flexible and accessible—you can take the modules in any order from any device at any time.

Get started today.

AMA Medical Student Leadership Learning Series courses are available for free to all AMA members. Members have the ability to access leadership courses, download course resources, receive course completion certificates and apply to exclusive student leadership opportunities.


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