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About AMA Navigating Practice Learning Series

Educating future health care leaders on the non-clinical aspects of medical practice

The American Medical Association (AMA) is committed to helping future physicians prepare for all aspects of medical practice. That’s why we offer education focused on the non-clinical aspects of practice specifically tailored to medical students.

Our AMA Navigating Practice Learning Series helps students like you understand how all areas within an organization contribute to the success of health care practices in today’s environment. Learning how experiences may differ between various health care settings, what type of setting might be a fit for you, as well as understanding basic components of practice management and performance measurement and tracking can lead to a very successful professional path.

The AMA Navigating Practice Learning Series offers engaging and interactive online education and allows you to choose your own path for how you want to learn the information. It also challenges you with short quizzes at the end of each activity to help you retain the knowledge.

Designed to help medical students like you stand out. With busy schedules in mind, this series is flexible with the ability to take any activity in any order and accessible from any devise at any time.

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The AMA Navigating Practice Learning Series is available to AMA members. AMA members have the ability to access activities, download resources, receive course completion certificates, and apply to exclusive student member leadership opportunities.

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