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Clinical Conversations: NAFLD, The Sentinel Disease of Metabolic Syndrome

In this episode, Obesity Medicine Specialist and OMA Clinical Education Director Dr. Nicholas Pennings and Dr. Robert Lustig, discuss non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity. Dr. Lustig is a professor of pediatric in the division of endocrinology at UCSF. In addition to his rich contribution to the medical literature, he is an author of several best-selling books, and a passionate advocate for promoting metabolic health and nutrition especially with respect to the health risks of sugar. He was the keynote speaker at the OMA’s 2022 Fall Obesity Summit. His presentation was titled ” The BIG Picture: NAFLD, the sentinel disease of metabolic syndrome”. Topics discussed include the health consequences of sugar consumption, the prevalence of NAFLD, diagnosing NAFLD, and treatment through medication, nutrition, and weight loss.

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