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Medical Education December 1, 2023

Unsure of Your State CME Requirements? AMA Ed Hub Can Help

Keeping current on state-mandated CME can be a time-consuming task. Education requirements are specific and subject to changes. Add to that the increased workload and heightened stress affecting health professionals and it’s understandable if continuing medical education isn’t always top of mind.

The AMA Ed Hub makes this process easier to navigate. On our State CME Requirements page, users can select their state(s) of interest to learn pertinent details. For each state, we note the credit amount (number of CME credit hours needed), licensure cycle (e.g., annual, biennial, triannual) and topics (what, if any, CME topical requirements exist). Information is included for MDs as well as DOs. For physicians licensed in multiple states, this simplifies the process of tracking several states’ requirements.

Another convenient feature? On each state page, you’ll find an extensive list of relevant CME opportunities, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time finding suitable activities. Accessible on any device and at any time, educational content is available in a variety of formats, so you can listen, watch, read or interact in ways that best suit your needs.

Doctor taking notes while talking to patient

Some activities that help fulfill common topical requirements, such as pain management, substance use disorder and professionalism, include:

On the AMA Ed Hub State CME Requirements page, you can also sign up for weekly content alerts by state and topic. It’s yet another tool to help you stay current and access high-quality education from trusted sources.


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