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Dermatology August 25, 2023

Test Your Knowledge: Top 10 Trending Dermatology Clinical Challenges

How sharp are your diagnostic skills? Clinical Challenges from JN Learning, the JAMA Network’s home for CME and MOC, are an engaging way to test your clinical acumen and earn AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit. The top 10 trending Dermatology Clinical Challenges on the AMA Ed Hub (the most viewed in 2023 so far, presented below in descending order) offer a unique opportunity to make the diagnosis and order the next best test or treatment.

3 presentations of dermatological conditions

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  1. 10. Lip Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Spontaneous Eruption and Drainage

    A 69-year-old woman with a newly diagnosed T3N2cM0 poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma unrelated to human papillomavirus (HPV) of the lower lip mucosa presented to the medical oncology clinic 3 days after initiating neoadjuvant immune checkpoint blockade immunotherapy with redness and swelling of the tumor site. Read more ›

  2. 9. Skin Lesions, Foot Drop, and Hand Contractures

    A previously healthy individual in his twenties presented to the dermatology clinic for evaluation of annular skin lesions that appeared first on his right ankle and then on other areas of his body over a three-month period. Read more ›

  3. 8. A 6-Year-Old Boy With Cough, Mucositis, and Vesiculobullous Skin Lesions

    A previously healthy six-year-old boy taking no regular medications presented to the emergency department with persistent fever and cough for 15 days. Six days prior to presentation, multiple vesiculobullous lesions appeared on his palms and soles. Read more ›

  4. 7. Abdominal Pain and Petechial Rash in a 95-Year-Old Farmer

    A 95-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with 24 hours of abdominal pain, two weeks of diarrhea, and three months of intermittent abdominal bloating and anorexia. She was a farmer in rural Japan who did not drink alcohol and had been diagnosed with bullous pemphigoid eight months prior, initially treated with prednisolone (15 mg daily). Read more ›

  5. 6. Diffuse Cutaneous Eruption

    A 70-year-old man presented to the dermatology clinic for evaluation of a pruritic exanthem that began on his scalp and face and spread across most of his body over a two-month period. The patient had no fever, night sweats, fatigue, recent unintentional weight loss, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Read more ›

  6. 5. A Patient With Diabetes and Spontaneous Blistering of the Right Lower Extremity

    A 42-year-old man with hypertension, type 2 diabetes diagnosed at age 25 years, and gastroparesis presented to the emergency department with right lower extremity blisters that had developed spontaneously over the prior 36 hours. He reported a tingling sensation in the affected area but no pruritus or pain. Read more ›

  7. 4. Blue Pigmentation of the Skin, Sclera, and Teeth

    A 69-year-old man presented with a one-month history of progressive skin discoloration. His medical history included chronic kidney disease, chronic hepatitis C infection, cirrhosis, ischemic cardiomyopathy with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), and atrial fibrillation with prophylactic apixaban. Read more ›

  8. 3. Erythematous Papules and Hemorrhagic Vesicles in a Woman With Arthralgias and Eye Pain

    A 48-year-old woman with diet-controlled diabetes presented with a six-month history of arthralgias in her hands, feet, elbows, and knees; three weeks of a purpuric rash and foot paresthesias; and two weeks of bilateral eye pain and redness. Read more ›

  9. More Dermatology Clinical Challenges

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  10. 2. Black Tongue Discoloration

    An 80-year-old man presented to the emergency department with a five-day history of fever and right shoulder pain. His temperature was 37.9 °C (100.2 °F); heart rate, 74/min; and blood pressure, 90/49 mm Hg. Read more ›

  11. 1. A Man With Asymptomatic Ulcerated White Plaques on the Soft Palate

    A man in his sixties with no significant medical history presented to the dermatology clinic for evaluation of a gray-white plaque on his soft palate. These findings developed over the prior week and did not improve after treatment with three days of oral cefuroxime. Read more ›

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