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Introducing the AMA Ed Hub Transcript App

Your AMA Ed Hub certificates at your fingertips

If you are not yet familiar with the AMA Ed Hub™, you will soon be. The AMA Ed Hub is an online learning platform offering an easy way to find, take and track educational activities in one place – with automatic CME credit reporting for some state and specialty medical boards.

Now with the new, completely free, AMA Ed Hub Transcript app you can quickly access your AMA transcript, certificates and awards from the palm of your hand. No more manual spreadsheets or paper documentation, the AMA Ed Hub Transcript app will do the administrative work for you. This new app helps medical students, physicians and medical professionals easily manage their continuing education credit and transcripts.

Are you an early adopter? Download and use our app and tell us what you think. Your invaluable input will help us improve it!

AMA Ed Hub Transcript will send you alerts whenever you complete educational activities and when CME credits are automatically submitted to participating boards. With its CME and credit tracking dashboard you can finally step away from the old-fashioned and time-consuming paper-based transcript tracking. You can now focus on what you care the most, taking care of your patients.

Take your AMA Ed Hub professional transcript with you wherever you go and let this app do the transcript management work for you. Never lose track of your AMA credits again, whether you need to report CME, MOC or CEUs.

AMA Ed Hub Transcript is free and available today for Apple iPhones, iPads as well as Android phones.

Get Started

Our new, free app will help you find your transcript anytime, anywhere. To find AMA Ed Hub Transcript on your favorite app store, just search for "AMA Ed Hub Transcript" or get started here.

About the AMA Ed Hub

Designed to support lifelong learning, licensure and certification needs, the AMA Ed Hub offers high-quality education to physicians and other medical professionals who seek to stay current and continuously improve the care they provide. The AMA Ed Hub online learning platform brings together education from trusted sources, including JAMA Network™, American College of Radiology, Society of Hospital Medicine and more. The AMA Ed Hub continually expands its offerings with outstanding education from the AMA and other trusted sources. Physicians can earn CME credit for all applicable activities. Health professionals worldwide can earn a wide variety of CME, CEU and MOC. Learn more.

The AMA Ed Hub offers automatic reporting of completed CME activities to state and specialty boards

AMA Ed Hub eliminates the administrative hassle that frequently accompanies CME tracking and reporting by providing physicians with a streamlined way to earn, track and report eligible CME activities. Learn more.


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