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About Education from Partners in Contraceptive Choice and Knowledge (PICCK)

Promoting excellence and equity in contraceptive care through provider education and practice transformation.

Partners in Contraceptive Choice and Knowledge is a five-year program funded by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and housed at Boston Medical Center/Boston University School of Medicine. Enacted in partnership with the state’s birth hospitals, PICCK provides education, training and technical assistance to expand and sustain the capacity of hospitals statewide to provide contraceptive services. PICCK is grounded in the principle that high-quality contraceptive care can only be provided in partnership with patients, who should make all decisions about their body, their pregnancies and their health care.

To that end, PICCK provides free online education for clinicians and public health professionals, as well as materials to support patient outreach and education. PICCK’s website, webinars, newsletter, and Annual Meeting are free and available to anyone, including those outside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Its programming covers five areas of contraceptive services: postpartum contraception, including immediate postpartum LARC (long-acting reversible contraception); improved access to ulipristal acetate and IUD for emergency contraception; pregnancy intention and contraceptive needs interventions for clinics (PICNIC); same-day LARC provision in the office setting; and shared decision-making approaches to contraceptive counseling.

On the AMA Ed Hub, PICCK features a CME video on the latest developments in emergency contraception, since Plan B became available over the counter, and how they affect your patients and your practice.

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