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About Education from Stanford Medicine

Center for Continuing Medical Education

Stanford Center for Continuing Medical Education (SCCME) is a global leader in the promotion of lifelong learning among professionals in healthcare. As such, we advance patient and population health and promote innovation by planning and implementing accredited continuing education activities to enhance the professional development of healthcare teams. SCCME serves international, national, state, and local learners, whether they are physicians or other allied health professionals. To the extent possible, Stanford’s educational activities are developed by and for interprofessional teams with the goal of improving patient outcomes and advancing innovation in collaborative practice.

To accomplish this mission, we apply evidence and best practices from the education and implementation sciences to develop, accredit and evaluate activities and initiatives designed to improve the skills, strategy, and performance of providers and healthcare teams and the delivery of patient care, ultimately with the goal of creating better health outcomes. By aligning our activities with the relevant competency frameworks, we support our learners as faculty, healthcare professionals and respective teams in providing high value care to their patients and the communities they serve.

SCCME is evidence-based, references best practices supported by scientific literature and guidelines and is free of commercial bias. Education from Stanford Medicine on the AMA Ed Hub offers continuing education activities on a variety of topics, from case studies in medical errors to health across the gender spectrum, health after cancer and many more.

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