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AMA STEPS Forward®: Transform Your Practice

AMA's STEPS Forward® offers real-world solutions to the challenges that your practice is confronting today. We provide the answers to your barriers and help put the joy back into medicine.

The AMA STEPS Forward® series offers a collection of engaging and interactive educational toolkits that are practical, actionable “how-to” guides to transform and improve your practice. These toolkits address common practice challenges and offers solutions that aim to:

  • save 2-3 hours a day
  • reduce physician burnout and improve wellbeing
  • optimize team-based workflows
  • enhance patient experiences


Each toolkit provides practical steps to implementation, as well as real-world “success stories”, downloadable tools, and additional resources. Clinicians, care team members, administrators, and organizational leaders can use these toolkits to help improve practice efficiency and ultimately enhance patient care, physician satisfaction and practice sustainability. Some toolkits also offer CME credit, so physicians can earn while they learn.


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