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STEPS Forward Practice Innovation Topics

AMA STEPS Forward® practice innovation strategies offer real-world solutions to the challenges that your practice is confronting today. Gain the tools you need to overcome barriers and restore the joy in your practice of medicine.

  • Time-Saving Strategies

    Implement team-based care to save time, redistribute and share responsibilities with your team, so you can provide better care.

  • Physician Burnout

    Understand physician burnout and how to address it, engage health system leadership and develop a culture that supports physician well-being.

  • Future of Health

    Implement digital health solutions, optimize and sustain telehealth and reduce technology-associated administrative burdens.

  • Behavioral Health Integration

    Promote more accessible and equitable treatment of patients’ behavioral, mental and physical health needs by implementing and sustaining integrated behavioral health care.

  • EHR Improvements

    Maximize the benefits of electronic health record (EHR) use, strategies and tactics to successfully implement an EHR and best practices in software selection.

  • Patient-Centered Care

    Improve communication with patients, uncover risk factors that may be contributing to poor health, collaborate with your colleagues in other specialties and enhance transitions of care.

  • Leadership and Culture

    Successfully lead and manage change initiatives, empower your team, drive tangible results and build a supportive and honest culture to effect change in your practice.

  • Private Practice

    Start and sustain a successful private practice and provide personalized medical care for your patients.


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