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About Whitman-Walker Institute's LGBTQ+, HIV Care and Prevention Training

Whitman-Walker has been working to help improve the quality of and access to health care for LGBTQ+ people since its founding in 1973. Whitman-Walker’s mission is to promote culturally affirming care founded in social justice practices, in part through its Institute. Whitman-Walker Institute—the organization’s research, policy and education arm—provides expert-level training across four broad categories: LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency, Behavioral Health, LGBTQ+ and General Legal Services and HIV care and prevention.

It is critical that comprehensive education on LGBTQ+ health and HIV prevention and care services is incorporated into broader educational training for providers. Contextualizing LGBTQ+ health and HIV care within primary care increases all providers’ capacity to deliver equitable, affirming care.

The training modules featured on the AMA Ed Hub provide health care professionals next-level topics in LGBTQ+ health and HIV care and prevention. Any provider interested in improving care for their LGBTQ+ patients and patients living with, or at risk for, HIV will benefit from this education. After completing these modules, learners will be better equipped to build safe and affirming care environments and feel empowered in advancing health equity by decreasing health care disparities.

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